Green Jobs

What is Green Jobs?

Jobs which contribute to improve the environment and reduce the destructive impact on earth are called Green Jobs. That's why environmental conservation, recycling and pollution reduction, green manufacturing, renewable energy (solarwindgeothermalbiomass etc.) and constructing green building are sectors of green jobs. Green jobs contribute to create good impact on environment.

Why Green Jobs?

We know that conventional source of fuel like gas and oil will be finished one day. So, we should think what will happen then and what the alternative solution is. In this scenario, renewable energy sources like sun, windgeothermal and biomass are good solution. Moreover, this technology is environmentally friendly. We are well aware of climate change and global warming.These are happening due to carbon emission in the air which is created for following reason. 
  • Industries are releasing carbon dioxide gas in the air during manufacturing of their products. 
  • Releasing carbon monoxide and other harmful gas in the air by transports like bus, car etc. 
  • Cutting huge amount of trees to manufacture furniture and other commercial purpose which creates deforestation.
In order to solve these problems and save conventional fuels like oil and gas for future use, we should move forward to green energy. Demand and field of green jobs are increasing day by day. Organizations involving in green energy sectors are creating green jobs which are very important in the context of our environment and economy. We can contribute in this field by creating green jobs.

What skills are required for Green Jobs?

Skills for green jobs are often the similar skills required for traditional jobs. If you can able to transfer these traditional skills to a green project or process, you can launch into green. Following skills are essential to apply for green jobs : 

Mechanical skills: In green jobs, mechanical skills and aptitude are needed for skilled manual work. For example, installing, troubleshooting and operating of mechanical and laboratory testing equipment of green energy sector like solarwindgeothermalbiomass etc.  

Math skills: Basic math skill like recording expenditures, preparing drawings and specifications, operating programmable control tools, and collecting quantitative data are needed. Advanced math skills are required in statistical analysis and engineering calculations.  

Technical skills: In order to evaluate, design, install, operate, monitor, or rectify malfunctions of anything from an air duct to a technology-intense environmental compliance program, technical skills  are required wherein theoretical knowledge such as scientific or legal is very crucial.  

Design skills: For developing new green products or find new ways of making existing products or processes more environmentally sustainable design skills are essential. Workers with a high level of creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking skills combined with technology design skills are needed for the green economy. These skills are developed gradually through exclusive training and experience in technical fields like engineering.  

Research and analysis skills: Scientific investigation, compliance auditing, data collection, quality control analysis, and the accurate reporting of findings are required research and analysis skills.  

Project management skills: Initiative of green activities is created in the form of projects like site remediation projects, sustainable building projects and conservation planning projects. Project management skills are very crucial for any industry including green energy sector. Some of these skills are - defining the project's financial, market and business goals, communicating and coordinating across all project stakeholders, tracking and adjusting plans when necessary, quality review, document preparation, management of material resources, financial resource management, time management and personnel management. 

Sales skills: Technical knowledge of green products and the development of long-term relationships with the customer are required sales skills. In order to be successful in selling products, you need profound interest in listening attentively and working closely with the customer to identify new product/market opportunities and customized solutions.


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