What is Biophoton?

Biophoton is the ultra-weak light which is emitted from biological system. Ultra-weak light is also called photon of light. Biophoton study describes how photon interacts with and within biological systems. Biophoton is a beam of light. It exists in all living substances of this planet. All living cells receive and transmit energy in the form of radiation and light as like as the dependence of life and energy of this planet on sunlight.

Biophotons in food and water support health

In order to sustain and order complex life processes, human cells use this ultra-weak light energy. Nutritious food and vibrant water supply energy to our body. Less entropy or sustained energy means weakening and collapse. Less entropy means greater order, proper metabolic functioning and consistency. Metabolic is the process of breaking down food nutrients into energy. 

Biophotons in food and water can provide order and energy to the body. Initial benefit of nutritious food is not only for chemical supply of energy, but also for the ability to transport oscillations in the form of biophotons of that food which reduces the entropy of the organism. Entropy is the measure of unavailable energy in a closed thermodynamic system which is also considered as a measure of the disorder of the system. The same methods apply to water and understand the benefit of drinking water.

It has been researched by researchers that the emissions of biophotons from healthy people are significantly higher than ill people. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid), RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) and other forms of macromolecules, including chlorophyll, enzymes and hemoglobin are important sources of biophotons.

Wild plant foods are the richest food source of biophotons. These are comestible plants that have grown without any involvement of humans. Wild plants consist of more nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, photo-chemicals, and enzymes than cultivated organic crops. Researchers also experimented that cooked or irradiated food emitted virtually no biophotons. After wild plants, the next best sources of biophotons are freshly picked fruits and vegetables which is grown organically.

It is also observed by researchers that the biophotonic radiation from fresh fruits and vegetables contain recommended amounts of all vitamins as like as multivitamin.

In order to get the highest level of biophotons from wild plant foods and other organically grown foods, eat a diet rich in raw fruits and vegetables which is picked from your own organic garden freshly.


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