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How to troubleshoot a solar photovoltaic (PV) system

We expect smooth power generation from a solar photovoltaic (PV) system while sun shining. When the sun is out but the system doesn't generate electricity as per required capacity, then we consider the system as problematic. Solar photovoltaic (PV) system occasionally requires troubleshooting as like as other energy systems. The key to your success depends on the strategy you choose for identifying the trouble source. Typically, three problems occur in solar photovoltaic (PV) system. They are-an array problem, inverter problem, or load problem. Concentrating on common troubleshooting problems and solutions can ensure that your system is taking the advantage of summer's sunny days.

Components of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system

Cell, module and array: A typical photovoltaic (PV) cell produces a small electrical output ranges from 0.5W to 2W approximately. As these devices are electrical, we can boost overall output level by wiring them in series and parallel strings. Wiring PV ce…

How to maintain solar panels

Solar panels play a significant role for generating electricity. Solar panels generate electricity when exposed to the sunlight. The efficiency of solar panels and generating electricity is strongly influenced when sun exposure to the solar cellis reduced. Dust, dry areas and building up other particles like droppings of birds have significant impact on the amount of generating electricity by solar panels. Cleaning solar panels regularly can significantly increase the overall efficiency of solar panels. Typically, solar panels are self-cleaning. Insufficient care for solar panels can decrease the efficiency of solar panels. Therefore, it is very important to maintain solar panels very carefully.

How to clean solar panel glass Before starting cleaning, you have to shut down your entire system as per instructions or guidelines of your manual provided by your solar panels manufacturer.Cleaning solar panels from the ground is safe. In order to stay on the ground saf…

Inverter for solar panels

Inverter is a power converter which converts Direct Current (DC) into Alternating Current (AC). As most of modern appliances operate on 120 volts AC, an inverter plays a key role for your solar power system. It can convert the low voltage DC to the 120 volts AC and also can charge the batteries if connected to the utility grid.

Basically, an inverter can supply three types of power. They are as follows:

Usual or typical power: An inverter has to supply usual or typical power on a steady basis which is continuous rating. It is comparatively lower than the surge power. For example, after the first few seconds, a refrigerator pulls this power to start up the motor.

Surge or peak power: Supplying maximum power by an inverter for short time period is called surge or peak power. Typically, it ranges from few seconds up to 15 minutes or so. For example, we can say about electric motors like pumps which require higher startup surge while running.

Average power: This power is comparatively lower…

How to size wire for solar panels

It is very important to size wires correctly for reaching energy from your solar panels to battery bank without any serious power loss. For example, we can say about flowing water through a pipe, if the size of the pipe is smaller, then very little amount of water can pass through it. Following steps are necessary for sizing wire for solar panels:

First Step: First of all, you have to decide the required voltage for your system. Typically, it is 12, 24 and 48 volts. Solar panels need the required size of wire which can last long. The simple equation is that if the voltage is higher, then solar panels need the smaller size of wire in order to carry the current smoothly and safely. In the power equation (P=V x I) of a circuit, it has been observed that the Power (Wattage) "P" is equal to the Voltage "V" times the current I. Therefore, it is realized that if the voltage increases the current decreases, because V x I always equal to P. If, the total amount of current is…

Solar Charge Controller

Solar charge controller is a device which regulates voltage and/or current to protect batteries from overcharging in the solar photovoltaic system. It has been observed that most solar panels of 12 volts have output voltage of 16 to 20 volts approximately. So, if there is no regulation the batteries will be damaged due to overcharging. In order to get fully charged, most batteries require around 14 to 14.5 volts. A solar charge controller regulates the rate of adding and subtracting of electric current from batteries. It helps to prevent batteries from overcharging and deep discharging. It is also protective against over voltage. This feature of solar charge controller contributes to enhance the lifespan of batteries significantly.

Types of Solar Charge Controller

Various shapes, sizes, features, and price ranges of solar charge controllers are available in the market. They are within the range of 4 amps to up to the 60 to 80 amp MPPT programmable controllers having computer interface.…

How to size battery for solar panel

While designing a solar photovoltaic off-grid system, you need to determine required batteries. A little math is necessary to size batteries. An off-grid battery bank should be designed in such a way thatthe systemis not only sufficient enough to supply necessary power during cloudy daysbut also small enough to be charged by your solar panels. First of all, you need to decide how much storage you want to provide by your battery bank. It is familiar as “days of autonomy" which is based on your expected number of days power provided by the system without receiving an input charge from the solar array. Beside determining days of autonomy, you also need to consider the critical situation and usage pattern of your application. If you decide to install a system for a weekend home, you need to consider a larger battery bank for charging and storing energy all week. But, if you want to add a photovoltaic array to a generator-based system as supplement, then you need to undersized you…

How to choose a solar panel

Solar panel is one of the important elements in solar photovoltaic system. Choosing the correct solar panel is crucial factor. You need to determine the right wattage of a solar panel. The size of the solar panel in watts directly affect the cost which is basically priced in dollars per watt. Watts are related to the output of each module. For example, a 50 watt panel installed under ideal condition will generate 50 watt-hours of electricity each hour and a 100 watt panel will generate 100 watt-hours each hour in each day. So, you can expect to pay double the price for 100 watt panel compare to 50 watt panel.

There are three main stages in solar photovoltaic system. They are:
 Generating power by the solar panel. Storing power by the battery. Using the power. In order to determine the wattage correctly, you need to size the panel according to your required power usage. Battery stores power to be used later on. To maintain the constant level power storage in the battery, the solar panel…

How to start a business in renewable energy

The demand for energy is increasing rapidly. But, the potential reserves of conventional fuels are limited and it will be finished one day. As a result, the initiative for starting a business in renewable energy is increasing significantly. Renewable energy is clean and green alternative energy which includes solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectric powergeothermal and ocean energy. Here, electricity is generated using renewable energy sources like sun, wind, biomass, water and geothermal heat. Starting a renewable energy business or product can be a profitable effort which contributes positively on our environment as well.

First of all, you need to determine what kind of renewable energy business are you interest to establish. Because, there are various types of business opportunities remains in renewable and green energy fields with different vision, mission, expenses and operational strategy. For example,  solar products affiliate sales program for energy conservation is diff…

Eco Friendly Hotels

A hotel which strives to implement the efficient use of energy, water and materials using environmentally friendly techniques while providing quality services is considered as Eco friendly hotel.
Eco friendly hotels concentrate to minimize its impact on the environment. Here, the practices of green living are strictly followed. They are certified green by the appropriate authority of the state where they are located in. Typically, these types of hotels are often located in jungles as Eco lodges. An Eco lodge is sustainable merged with natural, built and social environments.

Now a days, Eco friendly hotels endeavor to improve their "Green" credentials locating in less "Natural" location. In order to ensure a safe, non-toxic and energy-efficient accommodation for guests, Eco friendly hotels strictly follow green guidelines. An Eco friendly hotel consists following basic characteristics:
Entire environment is completely non-smoking.Local and sustainable building materia…

How can make your home environmentally friendly?

Making your home environmentally friendly can contribute to protect the environment significantly. You can follow and apply some techniques in order to make your home environmentally friendly. Required products for implementing these techniques are comparatively inexpensive. You can purchase these products at your local home improvement store. Following techniques should be followed and implemented in order to make your home environmentally friendly:

Minimize your electrical usage
A large portion of a home utility bill is caused by electrical usage. For example, when you plug any household item into an outlet, it is utilizing energy even if the item is not on. For creating a baseline for home electrical usage, an energy audit should be conducted. How can you conduct an energy audit? You need to record when the item is used or requires electricity.Make an evaluation when the item requires to be connected to an outlet.You should record each and every item which is connected to an electrical…

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