Green Energy

What is Green Energy?

Green Energy is the energy which is produced from natural resources like sunlight, windtidal wave and geothermal heat. It is also called renewable energy or alternative energy and sustainable energy. Green Energy is extracted, generated and consumed without any significant negative impact to the environment. It does not add any CO2 in the atmosphere.

Why Green Energy?

Energy demand in this planet is increasing day by day. Green power is produced from renewable energy resources which provide the highest environmental benefit and impact to us. Green energy is a very environment friendly technology and it helps reducing carbon emission which is very significant for our planet. It replaces conventional fuels like oil, gas and so on. 

Conventional fuel can be finished in near future.So,we have to think about the solution of it. In this scenario, alternative energy or green energy can keep some contribution in terms of future energy context.It contributes in generating electricity which is very important in terms of economic and environmental context. It delivers power from solarwindgeothermal, bio gas, biomass, and low-impact small hydroelectric sources.

How can we get Green Energy?

We can get green energy from our environmental source like sun, wind, bio gas, biomass and geothermal. One of most popular way to get this green energy is installing PV system.

What is PV system?

PV system stands for photovoltaic system. This is a technology wherein electricity is generated from sun without polluting environment. For residential, commercial and industrial energy supply, a PV system basically consists of following components :
PV system may be constructed in different configurations.They are as below:
  • Off grid without battery (array-direct).
  • Off grid with battery storage for only DC appliances.
  • Off grid with battery storage for both AC and DC appliances.
  • Grid tie without battery.
  • Grid tie with battery storage.



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