Green Cosmetics

Cosmetics which are manufactured using all natural, non toxic ingredients are called green cosmetics. It is also known as bio cosmetics or Eco-friendly makeup. Naturally occurring mineral ingredients are used by many green cosmetics for coloring and sun protection purposes. Basically, these products are manufactured in an environmentally sustainable method. During marketing of these green cosmetics, environmental sustainability concern is considered.

Face makeup, such as foundation, cosmetic powder, eye shadow, rouge, lipsticks, and lip glosses etc. are examples of Eco-friendly makeup and beauty products. Besides, hair products, such as shampoos, conditioners and styling gels or mousses, lotions, lip balms, facial masques, soaps, cleansers, and even toothpaste are produced by manufacturers of green cosmetics. Most of cosmetic or hygiene product used on the skin or hair is available in a green form.

Plant extracts and oils, naturally occurring minerals, non-toxic dyes and natural ingredients are used during manufacturing of these products. Butter, rose hips, mica, lemon, coffee, carrot and oil from leaves of green tea trees are some additional ingredients commonly used in these products. It's usually possible to prepare one's own green cosmetic products, since the ingredients are typically available and affordable. Every one should carefully read the ingredients list on any manufactured green cosmetic product in order to confirm that there is no synthetic chemical in the product.

Some other examples of green cosmetics are lipsticks, mascaras, and facial powders which enrich the appearance. These products can also be useful for skin care and health. Lotions, soaps, facial masques, and other products that can exfoliate, moisturize, and soften the skin are available. In order to minimize the signs of aging, some manufacturers of green cosmetics have produced products designed.There are mineral ingredients in some products which can help prevent sun burn and sun damage, while others contain vitamins and nutrients said to support the health and vitality of the skin.


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