Green Carpet

Indoor pollutant levels are two to five times higher than that of outside. In order to find the source of many of these pollutants, just observe down. When you install a new carpet and flooring in your house or office, you also install hundreds of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including known and suspected chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene in the air automatically. In order to remove these components, long time even years are required. Moreover, carpets are often treated with toxic chemicals for moth proofing or to hold off soil and moisture. Carpeting is also dangerous for trapping toxic lawn chemicals, VOCs, and allergens tracked in from outside.

In order to minimize indoor pollution and reduce health problems created by toxic carpets, sustainable flooring is a great option. Rapidly growing line of carpets and flooring made from recycled and Eco friendly materials, you can choose now.These carpets are called green carpet. They are durable, stylish, and cost effective than conventional floors and carpets.These eco friendly green carpets provide a responsible and healthy way to enrich your home.

Rolling Out the Green Carpet

From the beginning of purchasing to the end of the disposal of carpet, environmental and health costs are incorporated with carpeting. Here are some techniques to minimize those costs:

Fast and cheap fix: If you are experiencing health problems that could be caused by your carpet, there is a cheap solution. Try a nontoxic, green carpet.

Carpet: Purchase carpets made from natural fibers like jute, sisal, sea-grass and hemp grass etc. with little or no chemical treatment and natural-fiber backing attached with less-toxic adhesives.

Padding: Many carpets and carpet padding have plastics which is manufactured from an nonrenewable and energy consumptive resource petroleum. A carpet with lightweight backing that requires no additional padding, or use padding made from recycled materials should be chosen to purchase.

Installation: Your journey toward eco-friendly floors start when you search the right carpet. Next, you need to install your carpet installed. It is a process which often involves chemical-based glues associated with respiratory problems and other health issues. In order to gluing that eliminates many potentially hazardous pollutants, it is safe and easy to track carpets down.However, if you do decide to glue, you can take steps to minimize your ecological footprint. Try to use water-based, low-VOC glues to install your carpets. 


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