Eco Friendly TV

All kind of electronic appliances including television use energy. Typically, a television consumes approximately 75% of power. This power consumption costs a lot of money and it also enhances carbon dioxide emission which is very harmful for the environment.

You should consider purchasing an energy-efficient television which will not only save your money but also contributes to decrease negative impact on the environment. 

Eco friendly and energy-efficient television has following advantages:
  • Reduces your running costs and  energy bills.
  • Consumes very small amount of power which helps to reduce carbon dioxide emission.
  • Decreases greenhouse gas emissions throughout the functional life of the television.

How to choose a TV

Larger television models consume huge power. Indeed, any larger TV consume more power than traditional tube models because of their size. Traditional tube models are not even energy efficient. Furthermore, large TV models also consume huge energy during manufacturing, testing, shipping and operating. In order to be more energy-efficient, you need to purchase a model which is no larger than your actual requirements.

Green consumers should purchase Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) television models because of their small power consumption in comparison to plasma sets. A 28-inch traditional cathode-ray tube (CRT) television set consumes almost 100 watts of power. Typically, a 42-inch LCD model can consume almost double power of CRT TV. On the other hand, plasma models consumes almost five times higher power of CRT TV. This is why, LCD TVs are considered as the most energy efficient television.

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology is other option to choose a television. In order to create light, this type of screen technology uses organic material. It can produce excellent color, brightness, and contrast. Scientists and technologists are hoping that OLED technology will be a hundred percent energy-efficient in very near future.

Considering only the size and type of screen technology used in manufacturing the television model is not enough while evaluating its energy efficiency. It is also crucial to evaluate its safety level. Consumers should also ensure that the product does not pose fire, radiation or mechanical hazard. This means that the product should not pose any safety risks to the consumer. Remembering this factor, you should check the television model’s safety and quality certifications.

Energy Rating Labels or ERL of the television set are also needed to be checked. Because, this is the easy way to choose an energy efficient model.You need to know following matters:
  • If a television model contains more energy stars then it is considered as more energy efficient.
  • It is considered to be 20% reduction in energy consumption from the past rating if there is an additional star in the television. For example, a TV model of two star ratings is considered 20% less energy than a TV set of one star rating.
  • Television units having rating between 7-10 stars are considered as excellent. These ratings of televisions are called “super efficiency rating”.


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