Controlling Anger

What is Anger?

Anger is a common natural emotion which is related to physiological explanation of upset and mistake of human being. It is very destructive when someone gets out of control. It can be turned into problem when it harms yourself or other persons. Unhappiness and dislike are minor forms of anger. We become angry when we express our reaction of criticism and frustration. Typically, it is a healthy response. Uncontrollable anger creates serious problems in personal relationships as well as work places. It has a significant impact on personal life.

When you lose your temper, you feel and think that it is out of your hands. But you have more control over your anger than you think.Your emotions can be expressed without hurting others. If you are able to implement it you will feel not only better but also you will closely fulfill your basic requirement. Controlling anger is a good practice to overcome angry.

Nature of Anger

Similar to other emotions, it is complemented by physiological and biological changes. Our bodies release the hormones adrenaline and cortisol when we become angry, the same hormones released when we get pressure. Releasing of these hormones raises our blood pressure, pulse, body temperature and breathing rate, often it achieves dangerous levels. This natural chemical reaction is created to provide us prompt increase of energy and power. Sometimes, it is called 'fight or flight' reaction. This means that the body and mind prepare for a fight or for running away from danger.

Sometimes, angry people cannot manage their anger efficiently which causes illness. Naturally, our bodies are not  structured to tolerate high levels of adrenaline and cortisol for long time or regular basis.

You may become angry at a specific person like coworker or supervisor or event like a traffic jam, a flight cancellation. It can be created due to personal problems like worrying and boring. Shocking or awful memories also causes angry feelings.

Physical effects of Anger 

Following changes are happened to your body when you become angry:
  • Faster heart beating
  • Face becomes reddish
  • Changing facial expressions
  • Speeding up breathing 
  • Feeling tightness in muscles
  • Voice becomes louder.
  • Feeling shocked or distressed

How can you control your Anger?

Following practices can help to control angry of human being :
  • Breathing profoundly from your diaphragm.
  • Gently repeat a relaxing word like "Relax" or "Take it easy".
  • Try to memorize funny and happy moments of your life.
  • Developing the sense of humor.
  • Activity like Yoga can help relaxing your muscles and make your mind peaceful.
  • Thinking positively and try to escape saying words like "Never"  or "Always".
  • Developing problem solving attitude.
  • Try to be logical and transform your expectation into your aspiration.
  • Increasing better communications with people and society. 
  • Take leisure after continuous or monotonous activities.
  • If you feel that your angry is getting into extreme level, then you can consult with a psychologist or a mental health professional.


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