How to start a business in renewable energy

The demand for energy is increasing rapidly. But, the potential reserves of conventional fuels are limited and it will be finished one day. As a result, the initiative for starting a business in renewable energy is increasing significantly. Renewable energy is clean and green alternative energy which includes solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectric powergeothermal and ocean energy. Here, electricity is generated using renewable energy sources like sun, wind, biomass, water and geothermal heat. Starting a renewable energy business or product can be a profitable effort which contributes positively on our environment as well.

First Step

First of all, you need to determine what kind of renewable energy business are you interest to establish. Because, there are various types of business opportunities remains in renewable and green energy fields with different vision, mission, expenses and operational strategy. For example,  solar products affiliate sales program for energy conservation is different from solar panel cleaning business.

Second Step

In the second step, you need to check what permits are required. Check all the necessary requirements of your local government authority like city council, county commissioners or the secretary of state in order to determine what kind of business licenses and permits you need to operate your business legally.

Third Step

Increase your know-how about the green and renewable energy industry. In order to succeed in this industry, your knowledge and passion are required. Study the national recycling,  environmental state and energy efficiency statistics, product evaluations and consumer demands for renewable energy sources. Search business opportunities wherein training programs, support, seminars and  workshops are included.

Fourth Step

Enlist your potential suppliers carefully. It is very important indeed. Because, some renewable energy companies can't survive long due to inferior product quality and poor business practice. After determining your investment option, initiate a feasibility study of the business or project of companies you are interested to work with. Before investing, check all available ratings and reviews with the Better Business Bureaus.

Fifth Step

In the fifth step, prepare marketing and business plans. Basically, your business plan is a handbook which helps to guide you and your investors through each step for building your company. Prepare product information, operational methods, an executive summary, financial strategy, vision and forecasting. Determine a solid marketing strategy in order to find and reach your target consumers effectively.

Sixth Step

Try to obtain any necessary capital. You may be eligible for grant funding according to your renewable energy business type. Check whether you meet all the requirements to qualify for any small business grant which awards your local government. In this situation, you will need to submit complete application and written proposal along with copies of your marketing and business and plan. If you need additional funding or you are not eligible for renewable energy business grants, then look for loan scope.

Seventh Step

In this step, select your target consumer, execute and implement your marketing and business plan. After securing necessary funding and establishing start up logistic supports, engage your target consumer for generating sales. In order to get most potential customers, research local demographics. Communicate with construction companies, consumers, homeowners, landlords, school districts and other organizations so that you can provide them your renewable energy products or services as per their requirement. It will help to develop business relationship mutually.


  1. Great share. Starting a business in renewable energy is easy but sustaining in it is difficult. For sustaining in any business it is very important to focus on your vision and not on short term profit. As quoted by varun manian "Entrepreneurship is not only about making Profits". it is more than that and that is what defines the future of your company.

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