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How to choose a solar panel

Solar panel is one of the important elements in solar photovoltaic system. Choosing the correct solar panel is crucial factor. You need to determine the right wattage of a solar panel. The size of the solar panel in watts directly affect the cost which is basically priced in dollars per watt. Watts are related to the output of each module. For example, a 50 watt panel installed under ideal condition will generate 50 watt-hours of electricity each hour and a 100 watt panel will generate 100 watt-hours each hour in each day. So, you can expect to pay double the price for 100 watt panel compare to 50 watt panel.

There are three main stages in solar photovoltaic system. They are:
 Generating power by the solar panel. Storing power by the battery. Using the power. In order to determine the wattage correctly, you need to size the panel according to your required power usage. Battery stores power to be used later on. To maintain the constant level power storage in the battery, the solar panel…

How to start a business in renewable energy

The demand for energy is increasing rapidly. But, the potential reserves of conventional fuels are limited and it will be finished one day. As a result, the initiative for starting a business in renewable energy is increasing significantly. Renewable energy is clean and green alternative energy which includes solar, wind, biomass, hydroelectric powergeothermal and ocean energy. Here, electricity is generated using renewable energy sources like sun, wind, biomass, water and geothermal heat. Starting a renewable energy business or product can be a profitable effort which contributes positively on our environment as well.

First of all, you need to determine what kind of renewable energy business are you interest to establish. Because, there are various types of business opportunities remains in renewable and green energy fields with different vision, mission, expenses and operational strategy. For example,  solar products affiliate sales program for energy conservation is diff…

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