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Eco Friendly Hotels

A hotel which strives to implement the efficient use of energy, water and materials using environmentally friendly techniques while providing quality services is considered as Eco friendly hotel.
Eco friendly hotels concentrate to minimize its impact on the environment. Here, the practices of green living are strictly followed. They are certified green by the appropriate authority of the state where they are located in. Typically, these types of hotels are often located in jungles as Eco lodges. An Eco lodge is sustainable merged with natural, built and social environments.

Now a days, Eco friendly hotels endeavor to improve their "Green" credentials locating in less "Natural" location. In order to ensure a safe, non-toxic and energy-efficient accommodation for guests, Eco friendly hotels strictly follow green guidelines. An Eco friendly hotel consists following basic characteristics:
Entire environment is completely non-smoking.Local and sustainable building materia…

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