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Ocean Energy

What is Ocean Energy?

All type of renewable energy which is acquired from the sea is called Ocean Energy. Constant flow of ocean currents contains huge amount of water across the earth's ocean. Technological development contributes to extract energy from ocean currents and convert it into usable power.

Constantly moving ocean waters are affected by water salinity, wind, rotation of the earth, temperature and topography of the ocean floor. Wind and solar heating of surface water near the equator contribute to drive most ocean currents. Meanwhile, salinity and density variations of water column create some currents. Ocean currents are comparatively constant and flow in one direction. Due to the density of water, ocean currents move slowly and contain great amount of energy in comparison to typical wind speed. Water is denser than air. For this characteristics, ocean energy can be captured and converted into usable form of electricity.

Ocean Energy is classified in three types. They are…

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