Green City

Green City is the system of creating a green and sustainable city by utilizing and implementing green technologies and policies. It includes renewable energy generation, environmental impact per person, environmentally friendly green transport used by people, recycling programs, constructing green building and reserve green spaces. In order to achieve green status, it is required to improve the quality of the air, minimize the dependency on non renewable resources, encourage the building of green homes, offices and other structures, reserve more green space, support environmentally friendly methods of transportation and offer recycling programs.
Following implementations are necessary for creating a Green City:
  • Appropriate urban planning should be made comprehensively.
  • Location with green natural beauty makes people feeling a connection to their surroundings.
  • Going green not only save the planet but also contributes to generate revenue for a city. Sustainable manufacturing and services can contribute to make money.

Most sustainable cities of the world follow some best practices of green technologies and policies.They are as follows:
  • Committed and appropriate plan with regular progress report.
  • Building codes should be implemented by green technology appropriately.
  • Generating electricity utilizing renewable energy resources like sun, wind, geothermal and biomass etc.
  • Implementing tree plantation.
  • Encourage people to buy and use environment friendly green products.
  • Creative and knowledge based economies should be encouraged.
  • Green transportation system for public should be invested and encouraged to minimize the carbon emissions.
  • Enhanced density.
  • Endeavor and policies to minimize the waste and water consumption.
  • Affordable and healthy food should be approached.
  • Citizens should be encouraged to involve in the efforts of grass roots.
  • Example should be made by City Mayor.
  • It is a good thing to create a culture of little competition.

At present, many city mayors are planning and working to get their cities concentrated on the environmental movement. Their goal is to convert their city into a green city. In order to obtain green status, they are endeavoring to improve the air quality, minimize the use of non-renewable resources, encourage to construct environmentally friendly green building, offices and other structures, support environmentally friendly green transportation methods, reserve green space and offer recycling programs.

In order to make our cities green, a lot of green technologies and policies should be implemented appropriately. Cities like San Francisco, Vancouver and Copenhagen etc. are endeavoring to become the world’s greenest city. Enhanced awareness and minimized consumption of resources are the ultimate results of a Green City.


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