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Bioelectricity is the process of producing electromagnetic energy by living organisms. The bioelectric activity which happens throughout the human body is very necessary to life. Living cells can produce electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields which enable the action of muscles and the transmission of information in the nerves. This is the concept of quick signaling in nerves. It produces physical processes in muscles or glands. There is some similarity among the muscles, nerves and glands of all organisms. The early development of fairly efficient electrochemical systems is the reason behind it. Scientists are concentrating on the muscles or nerves tissues like the brain, heart, eye, ear, stomach and certain glands, electric organs in some fish and potentials associated with damaged tissues. 

Electric movement in living tissue is a cellular concept which depends on the cell membrane. This membrane works as a capacitor wherein energy is stored as electrically charged ions on reve…

Solar Boat

Solar boat is an electrical boat which is powered by solar energy utilizing solar panelsbatteries and other necessary electrical accessories. They are quiet, independent and clean engines. Here, batteries store free energy from the sun. The available sunlight is converted into electric power by solar cells which are temporarily stored in batteries. It is used to drive a propeller through an electric motor. Typically, power levels are within a few hundred watts to a few kilowatts. A specific solar boat can run on solar energy depends on its technical design, the amount of solar cells carried, the solar climate where it is based and its pattern of use.

There are very few grid connections on the seas and inland waters as well as along their banks. People living on inland waterway crafts, houseboats, sailing boats and space stations are dependent on batteries just like the owners of electrically propelled boats. But batteries sometimes discharge and need to be recharged. In this scenario…

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