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What is Bioplastics?
Bioplastics are the bio based plastics produced from renewable resources like corn starch, pea starch, vegetable fats and oils. On the other hand, conventional plastics or fossil fuel plastics are produced from petroleum. Conventional plastics create more greenhouse gas which is very dangerous for our environment.
Petroleum is very limited resource in the earth. It becomes expensive day by day. One day, this resource will be finished. During burning petroleum products like plastics, carbon is emitted and it causes the climate change. Conventional plastics are harmful by-products and chemicals. In this situation, bioplastics can offer an alternative solution. Sugarcane ethanol is a significant substitute of petroleum in the production of plastic. These bioplastics contain same physical and chemical properties like conventional plastic. They also maintain full recycling capabilities.

Applications of Bioplastics
Bioplastics are used in packaging items. They are also used…

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