Green Furnace

What is Green Furnace?

The furnace which uses renewable sources like natural fuel for their operation is called green furnace. Typically, a green furnace uses olive pits, nut shells, wood, wood pellets from forest residues or surplus industries etc. Green furnace is fed by bio fuel which is more cost effective than conventional fuels like diesel, propane etc. Moreover, due to stability of the price of bio fuel, uses of green furnaces are rapidly increasing in order to generate heat in any home heating system.

Biodiesel is profitable due to it's high calorific value per unit weight. It appears as a form of renewable energy and contributes to protect our environment and energy sources of this planet. If we compare it with fossil fuels, we will observe that one kilogram of pellets contains half the calorific value than a liter of diesel. That means, in order to produce same amount of energy like one liter of diesel, two kilos of pellet or olive stones are required.

Types of Green Furnace

Pellet: In these furnaces, components like olive pits or pellets are used. They are absorbed into the boiler by means of screw or suction. Generally, they are used for domestic purposes in order to generate medium power.

Wood stoves: Here, wood logs are used for combustion. Typically, wood furnaces are used at home.So, it is used for domestic purposes.

Poli-combustible: Here, crushed components are needed in order to be combusted. Their size is comparatively large. They are typically used in industrial activities.

Operation of Green Furnace

A green furnace works on the same principal like a gas boiler. Here, fuel pellets are burnt in the burner and produce a horizontal flame which enters into the boiler, as like as diesel systems.During this combustion process of natural fuel, heat is produced. This heat is transmitted to the attached water circuit in the heat exchanger integrated with the boiler. The Produced hot water is used for domestic use, heating pools etc. Heating can be proceeded by any conventional water system like fan convector, radiators or under floor heating system.

During this biomass combustion, a container is required in order to reserve bio fuel situated near the boiler. From the same, a suction or screw feeder, leads to the boiler, where combustion process happens. In order to insert into the boiler appropriately, the pellet type fuel must be reserved at an angle of approximately 45 degree.

Some ashes are produced after burning biomass. These ashes are collected automatically in an ashtray which should be emptied four times a year. For improved operation of the green furnace, a battery can be installed in order to store heat as like as a solar photovoltaic system.

Benefits of installing a Green Furnace
  • Environmentally friendly furnace: There is no emission of carbon dioxide gas. So, it is an environmentally friendly furnace.
  • Cost effective energy: Price of biomass is comparatively lower than conventional fuels.It's price does not depend on international markets like fossil fuels.
  • Safe energy: Unlike the gas, biomass can not explode.


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