Green Cell Phone

Now a days, cell phones are obviously playing a significant role in our life. At present, we can instantly communicate with each other by using cell phone. But, there is an inherent impact on our environment during using cell phones. When we talk or send text messages with each other by using cell phones, we are creating some negative impacts on our environment directly or indirectly. During manufacturing and assembling cell phones, some toxic chemicals are released into the air and water. When we throw out our cell phone, heavy metals leach into the soil of landfills which is very harmful for our environment.

Different cell phone manufacturing companies are now producing "Green" cell phones using materials like bamboo, recyclable plastic water bottles and corn. One green material is not better than another as long as it is recyclable.

During building and assembling parts of cellular phone like circuit boards and electronic cables, elements like bromine and chlorine releases into our environment which creates a hazard to inhabitants living in adjoining areas.

Some elements like Bro-mated Flame Retardants (BFR) of cell phones which can not disrupt in the air causes abnormal brain development in human being and animals. Gaseous components of mercury and lead pollutes air during manufacturing cell phones. Elements like PVC or vinyl  infuses the air during both manufacturing and disposal of hand sets which can be hazardous. In order to produce electronic components, rare earth metals should be excavated in remote locations.

Huge amount of electronic waste, or e-waste are gathering worldwide yearly.Most of these wastes are huge amount of hazardous waste.In order to decrease toxic effects and creates "Green" grades, a cell phone should contain very little amount of elements like PVC and BFR. Some mobile phones are made of bio-plastic which is free from both PVC and BFR elements.Recycling materials like recyclable plastic bottles, cans may also be used during manufacturing cell phones. It can save significant amount of energy than cell phones made of ordinary plastic. 

Conventional cell phones can cause various health problems for us. On the other hand, green cell phones are manufactured by environmentally friendly technology. These cell phones help to reduce carbon emissions from air. They are also friendly enough in terms of our health concern indeed. So, we can realize that cell phone manufacturing companies can contribute significantly by manufacturing environmentally friendly green cell phones for us.


  1. I like your blog! and I found it on "Goodreads." It's extremely relevant and very interesting - my college has a lot of engineers working on this kind of stuff too. If you enjoy reading about space and our universe you can check out my blog as well.

    have a good one! ~ Arianna

    1. Thanks Arianna for your comment-Prasun


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