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Everyday, we use printers in our home and offices. Now a days, printers become an important device for documentation. Typically, printers consume huge amount of power and also printers have significant impact on our environment. So, we need to make our printers more environmentally friendly or Eco friendly. Listed below are some techniques to make our printers Eco friendly.

Reusing and recycling printer cartridges

It is obvious that most of expense in a large office or organization is printer cartridges. Huge amount of printing can quickly increase printing cost per year. So, it should be minimize in environmental friendly manner.

You can half the price of retail cartridges of printers by using re-manufactured ink and toner cartridges. It's life cycle is also long. Used cartridges can be recycled, refurbished and then refilled with new printer ink. This is called re manufacturing process. It will not only reduce your office expenses, but also reduce your carbon footprint.

Limiting the use of paper

Limiting the use of paper is a good choice to go green. You can only print documents which are mostly required to print indeed. Because, most documents can easily read and review in your computer. It will help to save papers as well as reduce your printing cost in environment friendly manner.

Saving Energy

After finishing your work, shut down your computer. If you have a meeting which will continue for more than two hours, then you should set your computer to idle mode in order to save energy. Many office printers also have a sleep mode.

Regulating additional environmental waste using re-manufactured printer cartridges

Use of printers are increasing day by day. As a result, number of used printer cartridges are also increased every year. Every year, lot of  new printer cartridges are sold out. But, very few people refill their cartridges. Huge amount of printer cartridges are thrown in the trash every year. It takes many years to decompose. These disposed cartridges have negative impact on the environment and our health. It causes the redness of skin, lung issues and even cancer.

Recycling printer cartridges can save huge amount of oil every year. It also decreases the existence of metal and plastic in landfills. You can reduce your carbon footprint of your printer cartridges by recycling your current empty printer cartridges. Increase awareness among other peoples to protect the environment through recycling. Always purchase re-manufactured printer cartridges online. Re-manufactured cartridges are recycled printer cartridges which is cleaned, emptied and refilled. You can get same quality printouts which you get from your existing printer. Most significantly, re-manufactured cartridges are most cost effective than retail cartridges.They also provide significant contribution to our environment by reducing huge amount of harmful toxins released by landfills worldwide. 

Vegetable based toner

Research for Eco friendly printings are continuing day by day. Researchers are now introducing vegetable based toner which becomes well suited with most laser printers. Soy oils are used in "Soy ink" cartridges instead of petroleum. Soy contains very low levels of vapor pressure or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and consumes very small amount of power to grow. It is comparatively more Eco friendly than conventional petroleum-based printer ink. Moreover, paper printed with soy ink is comparatively easier to recycle. Because soy ink can be removed easily than traditional ink.

Laser printers are comparatively economical to maintain and they also produce high-quality printouts.As a result, laser printers are broadly used in business organizations. At present, many offices are using soy-based toner. If all laser printer users depend on soy-based toner for their printing needs it will save huge amount of petroleum as well as decrease the emission of greenhouse gas worldwide which is very significant for our planet.

Latex Printers

There is no hazardous materials in latex printer ink. It is odorless and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are very much less in comparison to conventional ink.Water-based latex inks are long lasting and protective against water, smudges and scrapes. This Eco friendly ink is fully dry. It does not take huge time to dry like solvent ink.

Eco-Solvent Ink

This type of ink is almost odor free and also Eco friendly. They are protective against water for up to three years outdoors.It does not contain any Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) or harmful components. They are available in varieties types of colors. This type of ink does not require any ventilation which is advantageous in terms of our health and environment.


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