Solar Powered Pump

What is a Solar Powered Pump?

A solar powered pump is a motor pump which is operated by utilizing power produced by solar panel using sun light. The pumping system is capable to draw water from open well or bore well and pond or canal.This pump is very cost effective due to lower operation and maintenance cost. It is a very environmentally friendly technology in comparison to conventional pump which is operated by conventional fuel like diesel, petrol and octane. Solar powered pump is very helpful where no grid power is available. 

Types of Solar Powered Pump

Solar powered pump consists of following motor pump sets:
  • AC (Alternating Current) surface or submersible pump set.
  • DC (Direct Current) surface pump (centrifugal) or floating pump set
DC surface pump is effective where water exists in shallow depth like stream, canals, ponds and open wells. It is operated by DC motor. Maximum suction head is approximately 7 meter and total head is 14 meter.You can get maximum performance of water flow if the suction head is kept minimum.

Submersible pumps are suitable where water exists in higher depth. It is a high efficient multistage pump.This pump can lift water from up to 50 meter depth.If AC pump is used then an inverter will be required. Inverter can convert direct current of solar panel into alternating current required for AC pump.

Applications of Solar Powered Pump

Most popular applications of Solar Powered Pump are :
  • Agro forestry and plantation.
  • Poultry, dairy and sheep farm.
  • Aqua culture and fish farming.
  • Horticulture farms, vineyards, orchards, gardens and nurseries.
  • Supplying drinking water for small inhabitants.

Advantages of Solar Powered Pump

Solar powered pump has following advantages:
  • Deliver water during most demand of water.
  • No maintenance and labor cost.
  • Very convenient to transport, store and remove.
  • No fuel cost.
  • Long life and reliable.
  • No environment pollution.
  • It contributes in socioeconomic development.


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