Solar Lamp

The lamp which is operated by using sun's ray is called solar lamp. Typically, solar lamps are portable. A solar lamp consists of a solar panel and rechargeable battery. During day time, solar panel produce electricity from sun's ray which is stored in the battery. These lights operate at night automatically and shut off when the sun rises in the morning again.

Generally, solar lamp has good outdoor use. For example, we can say that it is used in pathways, garden landscaping and around ponds etc. Basically, solar lamps are attached to a metal or plastic pole, which is fixed directly in the ground. Sometimes, this outdoor solar lamp's top portion resembles a lantern or street light, with a small bulb inside in order to project light.

Typically, an indoor solar lamp emits a brightness similar to 40 watts. It can be used as an accent light or desk light. In order to charge fully, these indoor solar lamps are placed in a window which receives direct sunlight for at least six to eight hours each day.

Another type of solar lamp is solar flashlights. These flashlight are slight flat in comparison to a regular one. Basically, it consists of a solar panel in one end which collects sun's ray. In order to provide power to multiple LED bulbs on the flashlight's lens during the evening hours or in dark places, this stored energy is used.

In order to increase the efficiency, little maintenance are required for solar lamps. Few working parts exist in solar lamp. Therefore, the only thing that may need to be replaced is a battery or bulb. Cleaning it with soap and water, we can increase it's longevity up to several years.

Unlike grid powered conventional lights, there is no need to be worried about solar lamps being exposed. Typically, the bulb is fixed tightly inside the lamp fixture. It will not get wet even during a heavy shower. Solar lamp's battery is able to resist moisture. These lights are secured to use during an electrical storm.The most significant thing is that they are able to illuminate even if there is a disruption of electrical service.

Retailers comprehensively display these lamps in the spring and summer month  when solar lamps are available throughout the year. Generally, they are situated in the landscape segment of lawn and garden or home improvement stores. Solar flashlights should be purchased in outdoor and camping supply stores. These lights are cost effective, fancy and easy to use. It is a significant investment to purchase solar lights for indoor, outdoor and camping use.


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