Green Holidays

Holidays are important part of our life. When we feel monotonous in our work or personal life, we think to take holidays in order to get rid of stress. Taking holidays are good for our health and mind. During holidays, we enjoy happy moments of our life. We can make our holidays Eco friendly by going green.

Making our holidays 'Green' are significant for our environment and personal life. Green holiday is very spiritual and enjoyable for us indeed.

One of the coolest way to make a green holiday is arranging thanksgiving dinner around the table with beloved ones, friends and relatives. It's all about simplicity, appreciation and consciousness of many blessings of our life.We can follow following matters in order to make a green holiday with the help of thanksgiving dinner:
  • Inviting people for the dinner through electronic mail instead of paper.
  • Arrange organic foods, green vegetables, fruits, making green juice with fruits, green tea and green proteins like beans, nut and peas etc.
  • Using non toxic cloth and napkin for the table.
  • Non edible table scraps and leaving parts of food can be put on compost pile instead of trash.
  • Sharing and enjoying the moment with each other having fun, music, talking and laugh.  

Another good example of green holiday is spending time with gardening. It will not only make your holiday enjoyable but also contribute to create a green environment by you which is very significant. During, gardening you should use non toxic gardening materials and organic fertilizer.Leaving parts of gardening can be used to prepare organic fertilizer for future use. Gardening is a green activity and it is very good for your health.

Enjoying your holidays with cycling is a significant example of green holiday. Using cycling as a transport is a good habit. Cycling is a green transport. Because, it does not pollute our environment when we use it. During cycling, you can enjoy the beauty of green nature which will refresh your mind and also keep your body fit. So, you can easily enjoy your green holiday moment by cycling.

You can also plan to make a green holiday by traveling in some beautiful wild natural places of the world for few days. During the trip, you should choose environmentally friendly accommodation. This type of accommodation should be decorated with non toxic materials. Required power for the lighting system and water heating system of the accommodation should be generated from renewable energy resources like solar and wind. In this case, solar photovoltaic system, solar thermal system and wind power system can be used. Daylighting can also be used instead of conventional lighting. Heating and ventilation system of the accommodation should be all natural indeed. You can also save energy with your own awareness like switching off lights when you leave the accommodation. During trip, you should use cycle as a transport or you can walk. Because, these are basic examples of green transport. You can enjoy your moment with local people sharing your knowledge and happy moments. You can also build up awareness among local people and encourage them to go green which creates our environment healthy.


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