Green Car

What is a Green Car?

We know that car is one of an important transport of our daily life. But, it should also remember that car is one of prime environment polluter. It pollutes air by emitting poisonous gas and causes damage to green nature of the planet. Green cars are very much environment friendly than conventional cars. Because, they have very less pollutant emissions and use sustainable fuel sources. Basically, it is how the car is fueled which determines whether or not it is a green car.

Why are Green Cars researched and manufactured?

In order to create motion, a conventional car operates with an internal combustion engine which burns huge amount of fuel. This fuel is a fossil fuel and non-renewable. It will be finished one day. Burning of fossil fuel causes the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are major source of creating global warming.

Fuel is produced from crude oil which is non-renewable resource. The production of crude oil is very dangerous for the balance of Eco-system of the environment. Oil spills is very destructive for natural habitats and kills wildlife. Considering these factors green car has been developed which causes very less damage to the environment. A green car consumes very little petroleum than conventional cars. There are a number of green cars available today :
  • Electric cars
  • Hybrid cars
  • Hydrogen cars
  • Solar cars

Buyers of Green Cars

Green cars are available in the market with wide range. The popularity of green cars is increasing day by day. Because, people are now realizing the necessity of green cars. During purchasing a Eco friendly car that is green car, you should measure the level of emission of CO2 in the air in order to examine how green the car is indeed. Any car having CO2 emissions of less than 100 g/km CO2 is a fairly good car.

Economic benefit of Green Cars

Various types of cars are available in the market at present. So, it is quite difficult to select which car to purchase. In order to help you choosing a car you should consider the fuel efficiency and emissions of a car. A more efficient vehicle is not only good for the environment, but also save your money. Green cars are affordable and cost much the same price as conventional cars.

More fuel efficient cars are small cars compared to large cars. They have very little toxic emissions and your fuel bill will be decreased if the car is driven sensibly. Every car has their respective fuel efficiency level. The more fuel efficiency means the more environment friendly as well as the more fuel bill saving. Before buying a car, you should check the fuel efficiency by looking at the MPG (miles per gallon). If the MPG is higher, the efficiency level of fuel is also better.


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