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Rechargeable Battery

A rechargeable battery is one kind of electrical battery which contains one or more electrochemical cells. It's electrochemical reactions are electrically reversible. That's why it is familiar as secondary cell. Rechargeable batteries are of different sizes and shapes. Readily available and most popular batteries that come in often-needed sizes like A, AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt are Nickel Metal Hydride, or NiMH. NiMH batteries are a good choice for most battery requires because they have virtually no “memory loss” effect. That means, they do not require to be fully discharged with each use to conserve capacity.
Basically, a battery charger is used to charge rechargeable batteries utilizing grid power. Few others utilize 12-volt DC power outlet of vehicle. While charging, the positive active element is oxidized and produce electrons. On the other hand, the negative element is decreased consuming electrons. Electrons create current flow in the external circuit. In lithium-ion and…

Solar Lamp

The lamp which is operated by using sun's ray is called solar lamp. Typically, solar lamps are portable. A solar lamp consists of asolar paneland rechargeable battery. During day time, solar panel produce electricity from sun's ray which is stored in thebattery. These lights operate at night automatically and shut off when the sun rises in the morning again.
Generally, solar lamp has good outdoor use. For example, we can say that it is used in pathways, garden landscaping and around ponds etc. Basically, solar lamps are attached to a metal or plastic pole, which is fixed directly in the ground. Sometimes, this outdoor solar lamp's top portion resembles a lantern or street light, with a small bulb inside in order to project light.
Typically, an indoor solar lamp emits a brightness similar to 40 watts. It can be used as an accent light or desk light. In order to charge fully, these indoor solar lamps are placed in a window which receives direct sunlight for at least six to eig…

Green Holidays

Holidays are important part of our life. When we feel monotonous in our work or personal life, we think to take holidays in order to get rid of stress. Taking holidays are good for our health and mind. During holidays, we enjoy happy moments of our life. We can make our holidays Eco friendly by going green.
Making our holidays 'Green' are significant for our environmentand personal life. Green holiday is very spiritual and enjoyable for us indeed.

One of the coolest way to make a green holiday is arranging thanksgiving dinner around the table with beloved ones, friends and relatives. It's all about simplicity, appreciation and consciousness of many blessings of our life.We can follow following matters in order to make a green holiday with the help of thanksgiving dinner:
Inviting people for the dinner through electronic mail instead of paper. Arrange organic foods, green vegetables, fruits, making green juice with fruits, green tea and green proteins like beans, nut and peas…


What is Daylighting?
Sun is the prime source of light of the earth. Daylighting is the significant way to use that light. Basically, daylighting is defined as the regulated entry of this natural light into a building.
Natural light is justified as 'clean' light in comparison to conventional electric lighting. This natural light is free of electrical flicker. Electrical flicker creates in most florescent lights due to their cycled AC (Alternating Current) power source. In most LED's, it occurs to preserve power. Full spectrum of visible solar colors exists in natural light which is very essential and significant for our eye vision.

A good daylighting systems should deliver natural light without glare and should have very little impact on 'envelope' of the building.
Why Daylighting?
The gift of nature is daylight. It is essential for us as like as clean air and water. Our life survives on it. Sometimes we are separated from this basic need.
Natural light has not only artis…

Geothermal Energy

What is Geothermal Energy?
Basically, geothermal energy is the technique of gaining heat as energy source from earth’s surface. In order to produce electricity, most power plants require steam. Geothermal power plants use steam which is produced from hot water tanks discovered far below earth's surface. A turbine is rotated by steam which helps to run a generator for electricity production. Most power plants are using conventional fuels to boil water for steam. Earth’s surface holds huge amount of heat which can produce extremely huge amount of energy than all other natural resources like oil and gas in the world. Predicted heat extraction in geothermal energy is very small in comparison to heat content of earth. So, it is renewable.

Types of Geothermal Power Plant:
Geothermal power plants are of three types. They are - flash steam, binary cycle and small scale power plant.

Flash steam power plants:Here, geothermal tanks of water having temperatures higher than 183°C are used. This ho…

Green Furniture

In the past, during shopping furniture, people typically took decision to purchase based on color, style and price of the furniture. At present, a good number of consumers consider environmental impact of furniture before purchasing it. Because, elements play a vital role in furniture’s carbon footprint. Now, the question is what are the greenest elements to make furniture? The answer is - most furniture is generally made from three elements- wood, metal, and plastic. We can evaluate how these elements associated with health, longevity and environmental impact.

Impact on health
During purchasing furniture for your home, health and safety should be in top priority. Because, toxins in furniture create poor indoor air quality which causes different kinds of health problems like emphysema, asthma, headaches and fatigue. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from glues, paints, varnishes and adhesives and PVC from finish materials are responsible for the environment pollution of your home. It has…

Solar Powered Pump

What is a Solar Powered Pump?
A solar powered pump is a motor pump which is operated by utilizing power produced by solar panel using sun light. The pumping system is capable to draw water from open well or bore well and pond or canal.This pump is very cost effective due to lower operation and maintenance cost. It is a very environmentally friendly technology in comparison to conventional pump which is operated by conventional fuel like diesel, petrol and octane. Solar powered pump is very helpful where no grid power is available.

Types of Solar Powered Pump
Solar powered pump consists of following motor pump sets: AC (Alternating Current) surface or submersible pump set.DC (Direct Current) surface pump (centrifugal) or floating pump setDC surface pump is effective where water exists in shallow depth like stream, canals, ponds and open wells. It is operated by DC motor. Maximum suction head is approximately 7 meter and total head is 14 meter.You can get maximum performance of water flow i…

Wind Power

What is Wind? Wind is the movement or flow of gaseous elements around earth surface. One of the most important characteristics of wind is its velocity. Another characteristic of wind is energy. It is affected by high and low pressure of air of that particular location or area. Earth surface is heated randomly by the sun which depends on the occurrence of sun ray's angle and surrounding of the land. Sun ray's angle can be varied with latitude and time of day. Water of the oceans heat up and cool down slowly in comparison to land. Heat energy which is absorbed in earth's surface is transferred to air directly above these oceans and lands. The density of warmer air is less in comparison to cooler air. These factorsarecreating constantly changing characteristics of wind across earth's surface. Economically generating wind power from wind is the total amount of economically extractable power available from the wind is significantly higher than power generated from all other …

Controlling Anger

What is Anger?
Anger is a common natural emotion which is related to physiological explanation of upset and mistake of human being. It is very destructive when someone gets out of control. It can be turned into problem when it harms yourself or other persons. Unhappiness and dislike are minor forms of anger. We become angry when we express our reaction of criticism and frustration. Typically, it is a healthy response. Uncontrollable anger creates serious problems in personal relationships as well as work places. It has a significant impact on personal life.
When you lose your temper, you feel and think that it is out of your hands. But you have more control over your anger than you think.Your emotions can be expressed without hurting others. If you are able to implement it you will feel not only better but also you will closely fulfill your basic requirement. Controlling anger is a good practice to overcome angry.

Nature of Anger
Similar to other emotions, it is complemented by physiolog…

Green Finance

What is Green Finance?
Green finance is the concept of integrating the world of finance and business in environmentally friendly manner. Here, individual, business consumers, producers, investors, and financial lenders can participate. Green finance can be promoted in various ways on the basis of participants. It may be managed by financial incentives, aspiration to preserve the planet, or the arrangement of both. Furthermore, it contributes proactively as well as environmentally friendly manner such as promoting the recycling of used products. Green finance avoids any business promotion involves damaging the environment at present or for future generations.

How does it work?
Financial institutions can do it by providing loan to individuals, small businesses and large organizations in an environmentally friendly attitude. For example, loans may be used to support the propagation of renewable energy. A lender should use this loan in order to finance the growth of a solar power plant that …

Green Tea

What is Green Tea?
Green Tea is a tea which is prepared from green leaves of tea tree utilizing lesser oxidation process. As a result, it consists huge antioxidants and helpful poly phenols. Basically, green tea is invented from China. Now a days, it becomes popular all over the world. Green tea is the raw material for extracts used in various beverages, health foods,cosmetic items and dietary supplements. 
In the past, green tea was used in China and India as a medicine in order to control bleeding and overcome injuries, aid digestion, improve heart, mental health and adjust body temperature.Recently, it is observed by researchers that green tea has positive effects on weight loss disorders of livers and type-2 diabetes. 

Nutrition value in Green Tea
Green tea which prepared without any sugar is absolutely a zero calorie beverage. The caffeine contained in a cup of tea can vary according to length of infusing time and the amount of tea infused. Typically, green tea has very little amount…

Green Car

What is a Green Car?
We know that car is one of an important transport of our daily life. But, it should also remember that car is one of prime environment polluter. It pollutes air by emitting poisonous gas and causes damage to green nature of the planet. Green cars are very much environment friendly than conventional cars. Because, they have very less pollutant emissions and use sustainable fuel sources. Basically, it is how the car is fueled which determines whether or not it is a green car.

Why are Green Cars researched and manufactured?
In order to create motion, a conventional car operates with an internal combustion engine which burns huge amount of fuel. This fuel is a fossil fuel and non-renewable. It will be finished one day. Burning of fossil fuel causes the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Greenhouse gases are major source of creating global warming.

Fuel is produced from crude oil which is non-renewable resource. The production of crude oil is very dangerous …


What is Biophoton?
Biophoton is the ultra-weak light which is emitted from biological system. Ultra-weak light is also called photon of light. Biophoton study describes how photon interacts with and within biological systems. Biophoton is a beam of light. It exists in all living substances of this planet. All living cells receive and transmit energy in the form of radiation and light as like as the dependence of life and energy of this planet on sunlight.

Biophotons in food and water support health
In order to sustain and order complex life processes, human cells use this ultra-weak light energy. Nutritious food and vibrant water supply energy to our body. Less entropy or sustained energy means weakening and collapse. Less entropy means greater order, proper metabolic functioning and consistency. Metabolic is the process of breaking down food nutrients into energy. 

Biophotons in food and water can provide order and energy to the body. Initial benefit of nutritious food is not only for c…

Green Jobs

What is Green Jobs?
Jobs which contribute to improve the environment and reduce the destructive impact on earth are called Green Jobs. That's why environmental conservation, recycling and pollution reduction, green manufacturing, renewable energy (solarwindgeothermalbiomass etc.) and constructing green building are sectors of green jobs. Green jobs contribute to create good impact on environment.

Why Green Jobs?
We know that conventional source of fuel like gas and oil will be finished one day. So, we should think what will happen then and what the alternative solution is. In this scenario, renewable energy sources like sun, windgeothermal and biomass are good solution. Moreover, this technology is environmentally friendly. We are well aware of climate change and global warming.These are happening due to carbon emission in the air which is created for following reason.  Industries are releasing carbon dioxide gas in the air during manufacturing of their products. Releasin…

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